Who Sucks and Why- This Weeks Winner is....Rachel Klein

110%, dude. I watched Rachel go from a goofy intern to a raging psycho in a very short period of time. She wasn't born that way, she was created by the toxic leadership.

I also watched as they demoted a whole bunch of over-40 TLs and replaced them with kids a few years out of college. Since I was 39 I couldn't file for age discrimination, but I'm shocked the others didn't. I actually went to Melinda and informed her of what was happening (including Bressler's awful behavior). It was brushed aside as if nothing happened.

How an executive could justify ignoring the advice of all the seniors and solutions architects for the complete lack of experience of the early 20-somethings says a lot about that executive. He didn't want constructive criticism and dialog: he wanted everyone to just do exactly what he ordered even when it was an obviously bad idea. Senior devs, solutions architects, DBAs, and UI/UX people all have a responsibility to push back on ideas they think are bad or irresponsible. When you stop listening to those people in favor of kids who don't know their ass from a hole in the ground who will accept whatever you say... You're not a leader, you're a dictator.

Bressler ABSOLUTELY plays favorites, Rachel being the perfect example. She went from asking to be on my team to trying to get me fired for disagreeing with her in a meeting in maybe... 6 months.

So glad I got out of that place. I used to be so pissed I got fired but now I see it as a blessing. Sad to hear so many other people had similar experiences.

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