Who wants a free Dragonfly Red/Suburbanite XL?

I’m a starting audiophile, I’m in high-school right now and (not to sound basic) but musics a pretty big part of my life right now, I don’t have any wired earbuds and I wanted to get some but I can’t afford that, I have to spend pretty much every penny of my money on car insurance and phone plans, my parents don’t make enough to even help me out really, a couple years ago when money was ok I got a pair of h.ear on for 85$ and I love them (I haven’t heard better but I know they’re out there since I haven’t tested anything else) but they get in the way a lot and get annoying to carry around, so I’m wanting So earbuds (hence you can tell id like the dragonfly’s if possible). Music helps me study, it calms me down, gets me through moods. I just love it. I don’t have any earbuds, and I don’t even have enough funds to buy Apple earbuds (which suck, I hate the muddy sound and amplified bass). Thanks for reading- I doubt I’ll win because I’m sure some might need them more I’m not sure- but I’ll def take care of these things like my life’s on it. I’ve had my h.ear ons for almost two years and the most damage on them is a small scratch on the headband.

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