Who went to school with pornstars! What were they like, and are you surprised they do porn now?

Went to the same high school and with her and after graduating, someone outed her on the dirty (trash blog) as a camgirl. After that, she deleted her profile and all her social media and then at some point made a new mommy blog instagram. Unknown if the baby was intentional, but somewhere in between camming and blogging, she did porn.

She's just a full time, sit at home mommy blogger now.

She was really reckless, an alcoholic and frequented many night clubs in the area, hitting on much older men.

Her parents are actually good people and well off financially. They have a really nice house with nice cars always parked outside. She always had new, very expensive looking clothes. Rarely ever wore the same thing twice in a short timeframe.

I never paid much attention to her. She was a narcissistic bitch.

No, I'm not going to share a name or any other details.

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