Who were your favorite players as a kid?

Dwade, Kobe, Dirk and Ben Wallace.

Dwade because everything he did looked so smooth and he would almost finish everytime he got to the rim. His defense was also spectacular. He's an undersized 2 guard that would go and get blocks. I'm 5'6" and but got hops. My favorite thing to do is get blocks on bigger guys that underestimate me because of the height.

Kobe because of his pure offense capability. I loved watching the different ways he could score the ball and my god that footwork is incredible. Probably only 5% of NBA players, ever, had the sweet footwork that Kobe had.

Dirk because I liked the way he shot the ball lol. For some reason I just liked watching him shoot because of the form.

Ben Wallace because he was absolute maniac on defense. Again, as a short dude I loved to play defensively and challenge tall players. Ben wallace is one of the best defensive/paint protectors to ever play the game.

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