Who was the worst boss you've ever had?

My last supervisor at my previous job. Her name was Ashly.

I worked at a medical insurance company and, even though I have issues with the entire concept of "health insurance," I enjoyed it. I'd been there for about ten years, was one of the most experienced workers in my position, and got to work from home. All my previous supervisors were really good about allowing me some flexibility with my schedule to go to the doctor, pick up my daughter from school, and go to her various school and extra-curricular events. I liked the job so much I actually went back to college to get a bachelor's degree, which is something I had basically given up on when I put my school plans on hold to help my kid's mom through college. I majored in Health Information Management because I figured it would make me more valuable to the company and help me make a career out of the place, and because I was getting kind of annoyed at the absolute lack of real knowledge about the industry that some of the upper-level types were displaying. In retrospect I should have quit instead, but my immediate boss at the time was an awesome dude who really encouraged me to go ahead with it.

Unfortunately he got promoted out to another position right as I was starting to experience some major health issues. It turned out that I had cysts in my throat and neck that were messing with my thyroid function, but the symptoms (lack of energy + major insomia, etc) mimicked depression - something that I'd had issues with before - so my problems were misdiagnosed for a couple of years and I ended up getting prescribed a series of psychological meds that did absolutely nothing to me besides give me negative side effects, which of course made things worse.

I went through three bosses in quick succession after my old one got promoted and they were more or less alright with letting me go to the doctor and were pretty sympathetic to the whole situation - I'd built up a good reputation at the company at that point and they knew I was valuable.

Then Ashly came around. Ashly was a whole other story. One of the first things she did, in order to introduce herself to the team, was show us the results of some "management style personality quiz" that she had to take during her training. It represented the results as a four-sectioned pie graph according to responses to questions, and those four sections were "Compassionate, " Collaborative," "Dominant," and some other one I can't remember but was more or less some generic positive quality. Her pie chart had the dominant wedge filled all the way in with nothing in any of the others, and she basically bragged to the group that she intends to "get things done" and "make sure everything was running smoothly" in a way that sounded that she was going to be a malignant bitch who didn't care what anybody else felt or thought about that. It was an accurate portrayal.

I also found out that Ashly didn't have any college degree, experience in the healthcare industry, and her only real qualification was that she used to be an assistant manager at Jimmy John's. Some genius at the company thought it would be great to put this idiot in charge of a team that processes hundreds of millions of dollars worth of financial transactions every year.

I started having problems with her after I had to take a week's worth of FMLA and put in for some intermittent leave for when I couldn't get out of bed. I was immediately written up for not doing some tasks that I hadn't even been trained. I was aware that there may have been some minor gaps in my knowledge in some areas and had been bugging my previous bosses to get me trained in on these, but it had never really happened. She refused to even hear my side of things but never really went into detail on what she was expecting me to do, so a few days later she bitched me out over it again because I didn't adequately read her mind. She also basically threatened my job over my FMLA leave, as the paperwork hadn't gone through yet.

It got worse.

-She started not allowing me to take extended lunch breaks to go to the doctor, which I needed to be doing weekly at that point and hadn't been a problem before.

-She'd neglect to tell me things and then flip out over me not knowing anything about it. The gaslighting levels were insane, and if I hadn't been keeping all me e-mails from her I probably would have started to think I was loosing my mind.

-She stopped letting me pick my kid up from school during work hours, which was a logistical nightmare.

-Got written up for things that I was actually doing correctly, and when I pointed that out she'd either flip out on me for arguing with her or just ignore it

-A lot of other little things, like trying to claim I was falsifying my timecard almost every pay period even though I wasn't. She also would make things up about "prior behavior problems" with other supervisors, but when I asked her to provide proof of these she'd tell me that she didn't have time to go through all those old e-mails again.

Eventually she revoked my ability to work remotely and made me come into the office. While she had me sitting down in person she made up some bullshit story about how my daughter and her kids were great friends at school and played together at recess. This is despite the fact that my daughter was in junior high and hers were in elementary and she went to a completely different school in a completely different city. That was my final straw. I went out on FMLA leave again after that, went to doctors like it was my real job, and finally got myself accurately diagnosed.

I never really intended on going back but was hoping I could skate on some disability pay while things got better. Instead she got me fired, and I never really found out until I went to get some post-surgical prescriptions filled and I suddenly didn't have insurance anymore. It took me awhile to get well enough to work another job and I lost my apartment as well. I've basically been homeless now since the end of 2018 because I had so many medical bills to pay off and didn't want to live with that hanging over my head. I'm still set to graduate with my degree soon (ended up taking longer, but I'll be graduating Summa Cum Laude). My student loans are through the roof, though, so that's another big piece of suckass from this whole situation.

A year or so after I lost that last job Linkedin gave me a contact suggestion. . .and it was Ashly. I noticed right away that a lot of the information on that profile didn't exactly match up with what she had told the team when I was working there, so I did some digging and found an old Linkedin profile that was under her maiden name that basically confirmed that she lies about her qualifications. For example, the universities that she claims she attended (but never graduated) keep changing and she somehow got a retroactive promotion at Jimmy Johns to Regional Manager. The dates of her previous employments are all over the place as well. I've been saving screenshots of all of these changes, and when she gets another job I'm going to print them off and send her to her new boss with a warning about her levels of dishonestly. What comes around, goes around bitch.

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