Who was the worst guest that stayed at your house?

When I was about 10 or something like that, back in 2005, there were these little toy things. It was these cylinder shaped people with a ball inside them. To be honest I don't know what the fuck I used them for or why they were so popular, but I sure as hell collected them.

Anyway, my best friend at the time had broken his arm so he obviously had this huge cast on his arm. Anyway, we were playing and then suddenly he just had to go. He had to leave. His mother hadn't called my mom and he didn't own a cellphone. There wasn't even a clock in my bedroom so there was no way it was because he was told to be home at 6 for dinner.

We had been playing with these toys and I just couldn't find my favorite one. I told my mom and she went to search for it and it was nowhere to be found. i don't know why or what, but she then asked him to shake his arm, the arm which had the cast on. She probably read him like an open book. Believe it or not we heard it's noise coming from inside his cast. Idk what the fuck happened after that but I never got it back. I think he just fled the scene, he just began running home, idk... I was sad as fuck... The worst part is the fact that he is still, this day, my best friend. He hasn't stolen anything else from me, or atleast not that I know of!

In contrast to that, when I was about 6-7, I had been visting another of my best friends and we had been playing with these little toy cars. Anyway, we stopped playing because we had to eat, and I had my favorite car and I didn't want to lose it. Therefore I put it in my pocket while we ate, so he wouldn't have a chance to grab it before me when we came back to play. Anyway we didn't play it again after we ate so obviously I forgot all about the car in my pocket. It was a small car.

When I got home I must've emptied my pockets or something because there it was. I thought I had stolen it, although that obviously wasn't the case and I had just forgotten all about it. I remember I cried my fucking eyes out because I thought I had stolen the car and that I had ruined our friendship. I remember my mom telling me that it was an honest mistake and I could return it the next day (We were neighbours and we played together every day. Literally every fucking day) I still cried for hours... I don't know why we didn't return it right away since we were neighbours. Or perhaps we did, maybe it just felt like hours because I was fucking six yo.

To this day I have never stolen a single fucking object from anyone, except candy from friends, but that doesn't count as stealing. Almost every person I know has stolen something at some point in their life. Another friend of mine stole sodas from some old mans shed and it ended up with him being caught by a fucking K9. He was a bit fat and because of that the slowest.

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