Who was the worst guest that stayed at your house?

I was moving to Seattle with my boyfriend - he moved a few months before I did and was staying in a hotel until he found an apartment we could afford since I didn't have a job there yet. About a month before I move, my friend informs me she wants to visit us in Seattle and wants to stay at our place... which we didn't have yet. I hinted that it was a bad idea since we didn't know where we would be/I didn't have money, buuuut she booked the flight anyway.

Fast forward to her being here - she had been to Amsterdam not too long before that and ate half a weed brownie and didn't feel much of anything, only giggly. SO she thought she could eat a whole, medicinal strength one here. I am stone sober the whole time and I see her starting to feel it when we're on the bus into Seattle. A woman on the bus across from us dropped a coin purse on the ground and my friend "whispers" to me, "I wonder what that lady would do if I picked up her coin purse and just slid it really slowly up her leg while staring at her?"

Then we were on the monorail to the Seattle Center and she was FREAKING OUT thinking it was going to derail and fall off. Once we got there we went to eat at some restaurant. She got a sandwich, took a bite, and spit it out because "It turned to sand in my mouth and I couldn't chew or swallow it."

Then we went to a sculpture garden where she threw up all over herself. Fun times. It's actually quite amusing now when I think back on it,

Another one was when I was in college and we were having a party, there were a few people over that we barely knew that night who decided they were too wasted to go anywhere - we encouraged couch/floor sleeping for this kind of thing and the one girl promptly passed out on our couch. It was super late and a bunch of us were in the kitchen, which is right next to the living room, when we heard a weird noise. We went in to see what was happening and this girl had her pants down, was squatting in front of the couch and peeing everywhere. We all asked her what she was doing and all she could say was, "it's ok, it's ok." Then she tried to wipe with a pillow, so it certainly was not ok. Then she got back onto the couch and passed right out again. Now any time we see this girl or talk about this incident, she is known as Puddles. Jokes were made about rubbing her nose in it so she wouldn't do it again.

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