Who was the worst teacher you ever had?

I'm way late to this party, but I'll give it a go...

My junior year of high-school was spent with the most reprehensible teacher I have ever had the displeasure of associating any fraction of my educational career with. She was a Theatre Arts teacher. Now, I have always wanted to be an actor. And it crushed me at the time to have the pursuit of my passions hindered by the cuntface bridge troll herself.

Firstly, her overall demeanor was unfathomably unprofessional. She would have sleepovers at her fucking house with students half her age. She would also sleep on a couch that was in the classroom while everybody had a "free day". Which was every fucking day because she never taught jack shit. She would also convince students to open up to her about their secrets only to later tell everybody about them later on.


I was involved in a stage production of "The Odd Couple" which she directed. Worst couple of months of my high school career. Hands down. Her behavior only got worse once school let out and it was only her and the cast. The things she had done include but are not limited to:

-Urinating in a student's jacket for a good laugh -Having sex with a student's married father (who later divorced his wife and immediately married the cunt of the hour herself) -Verbally abusing the students that she just decides not to like -And then there's the standard picking favorites

I told the principal everything and he didn't do jack shit. I gave up once I graduated, however. I believe she still works there. Anyway, I didn't let her get to me and now I am an actor and screenwriter. Dreams do come true!

Fuck you, Ms. Marie.

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