Who would you like to see the Giants get in free agency or trade for?

The Giants have to be smart about the offseason. I think they should fill all the needed positions the Giants way: with talented but not necessarily superstar players. If 2018 works out, so be it and then acquire more as needed @ the trade deadline; but if it doesn’t... begin the rebuild without depleting our already barren farm and adding on more huge contracts that we may get stuck with.


*Tyler Chatwood to a 3 year deal to bolster up the end of the rotation.

*Eduardo Nunez to a 2 year deal @3B.

*Jay Bruce to a 1 year deal to play in right. (Assuming Indians don’t resign him and his asking price remains high and no one signs him).


*Pablo and Span to Royals? for a decent minor league relief pitcher and prospect.

*Strickland, Williamson, Beede, Okert and a prayer to Marlins for Yelich.


*Move Matt Moore to long relief if he doesn’t show that he’s improved during spring training. If he has, Ty Blach should be the new long reliever/spot starter.

*Move Hunter Pence to the bench.

*Left field: Wishful thinking that Slater or Parker will remain healthy. If they suck, we’d probably have to find a replacement during trade deadline if we’re contending.

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