Who would win in a first boot season?

I'm bored and it's the weekend so I did a little brantsteele simulation with (this)[http://imgur.com/m9cKwig] cast. Hard to find enough guys, but I got 9 solid ones without any returning players. Game went as such:

  • Week 1 - 4-person alliance of Brook/Debb/David/Nadiya takes out John
  • Week 2 - Split vote between Marisa & Wendy. Rocks are drawn and So goes home
  • Week 3 - Chicken/Ryan only alliance - Zane/Wendy/Marisa team up and vote out Ryan
  • Week 4 - Girls vote Zane, guys vote Wendy. Rocks are drawn again and Chicken goes home.
  • Week 5 - Kalabaw dissolved, Zane goes to Matsing, Marisa/Wendy go to Tandang. Zane becomes the swing vote and Peter is voted off
  • Week 6 - Matsing finally takes Zane out for good
  • Week 7 - Kourtney joins with Marisa/Wendy but Brook/Debb/David/Nadiya alliance is still firm and votes out Wendy
  • Week 8 - Merge! Everyone stays with their post-swap tribe alliances and Wanda gets evicted in a 6-5 vote.
  • Week 9 - Everyone votes out Kourtney, who apparently annoyed the hell out of everyone.
  • Week 10 - Michelle joins up with the Brook/Debb/David/Nadiya alliance to vote out Jonathan
  • Week 11 - And like they did with Kourtney, the 4-person alliance votes out Michelle the tribal after they use her as a number. Cold alliance.
  • Week 12 - 4-Person alliance is heading full steam to the endgame. Marisa is taken out.
  • Week 13 - Carolina is next casualty
  • Week 14 - And Sekou, leaving Brook/Debb/David/Nadiya as final four with Brook winning a shitload of individual immunities along the way.
  • Week 15 - David wins immunity, but instead of getting rid of Brook they take out Nadiya

  • FTC - Brook, David, Debb

  • Jonathan votes for David

  • Sekou votes for Debb

  • Wanda, Kourtney, Michelle, Marisa, Carolina, Nadiya vote for Brook

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