Who was your horniest partner and what was one of your fuck sessions like?

My favorite fwb. When he first approached me with sexual intent, it was a dream come true -I'd crushed on him for long... He gave me ALL the foreplay & was so intense, so demanding & yet so attentive & giving. I'll never forget when he flung me onto the couch, yanked my pants down, looked me in the eyes & growled "I'm going to eat you into bliss"..and he fucking well did.

Our fuck sessions were fearsome in intensity, volume, & requirement of action within proximity to each other. Few could hold up to my primal drive; he overtook it & made mine stronger. Hair-pulling, skin-scratching, mark-leaving, howling fucking...

He was so delectably aggressive, & made me squirt for the first time ever & said "now THAT'S what I love to see" about the wet spot on the bed when I had no clue as to what happened except soul-wrenching pleasure. He unwittingly opened my eyes to how much I like being treated a bit rough & what the results of that are.

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