Whoever runs the PWI account has some of the worst takes on wrestling. The first one is talking about Omega vs Moxley from Full Gear and the second one is regarding tonight's Boneyard Match

I don't like the use the word cringe, but in my personal opinion and taste a lot of stuff main roster WWE falls in that category, including for example Michael Cole's commentary very often. The boneyard match was the least "cringe-inducing" thing WWE has done in ages. Amazing production value, a coolness about it, made Taker look like a badass and showed some real personality for him. I'm someone who only watches Dynamite nowadays. And since you put the two comments togethers, I also liked the Omega vs Mox match, it was entertaning and engaging and none of what they did was actually violent other than Kenny's dive on the wood. I don't get why people get so upset about "glass" that was clearly as safe as sugar.

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