I know you're used to going to lengths with double standards

The fuck are you talking about?

I'm sure you got upset about "grab them by the pussy" in consensual context.

Huh? No, I didn’t. At this point I’m not even sure if you’re replying to the right person.

This is repeated "jokes" without a punchline about raping kids.

Oh wow thanks yet another person that doesn’t find humor in these jokes. What an original take we haven’t heard regurgitated all over the place yet, thanks for that contribution.

We get it. You didn’t find it amusing. Others did, myself included. Holy shit why is that such a difficult concept?

That's our line in the west. the west.

You don’t speak for an entire hemisphere, you extrapolating, assuming jackfuck. You are one dense, dense person.

You don't rape kids

Thanks for clarifying. Quick question, is the east somehow pro-child rape in a way the west isn’t? Why exclude them in this?

and making repeated jokes about it is telling as fuck

“Telling as fuck”? Apparently not “telling” enough because I’ve got no clue what you’re talking about, because apparently I have to drag your argument out of you kicking and screaming.

Lighten the fuck up man.

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