Who's someone in your life that you guiltily want to fuck?

Less of a "fuck" and more a desire to have romantic and passionate sex with: my best friend. We met online five years ago and haven't met in person. She's had a boyfriend for most of the time we've known each other. She's honestly really hot (a short and thick latina). She's also really amazing personality wise too and I have pretty strong feelings for her. I fantasize about her way more than I should. Like, every time I imagine us finally meeting in person, I imagine us ending up in bed.

Honestly, I think she'd be into it. Even though she has a boyfriend, she flirts with me sometimes and there's been times she's been upset about her boyfriend and said something like "you'd be so much better of a boyfriend than him."

We have a plan to meet next summer because she'll be coming up to work. Honestly, if I see the opportunity to lean in for a kiss, I'm taking it.

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