Who's your Varnhold's Lot hero?

I went with a pre-made character, Genner - a divine hunter of Erastil as I quite liked the concept and I wanted to do an archer character.

Main campaign character is a aasimar herald caller of Shelyn.

I made my own crew of mercenaries:

Olgrud (LN) - Dwarf fighter. High ac/con tank with combat-expertise, a warhammer and shield.
Akina (NG) - Human druid with plant domain. crowd control caster / healer.
Brask (CN) - Half-orc thug. Two weapon fighting dps (decent strength - 16 and con - 14 (hp yield boosted with toughness).

Maegar is pretty much another Brask but less strong/hardy and more charismatic and smart.
Cephal is the AoE damager and summoner.

The sub-par healing is the only real challenge they're having so far, but that will probably be accounted for with more levels and potions.

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