Whose bright idea was it to make Locked and Loaded the ONLY game mode for the 2 weeks of the event?

First of all, they aren't patch notes. Second of all... tell me where it says it.

*Another Takeover is hitting the normal Play Apex playlist. In “Locked and Loaded”, hit the ground with a full loadout of level 1 gear. You’ll have a Mozambique, White Shotgun Bolt, HCOG Classic Scope, White Evo Shield, White Helmet, White Backpack, White Incap Shield, two Syringes, two Shield Cells, and one stack of shotgun ammo. What more could you possibly need, right?

All Common/White level attachments and equipment will also be removed from the loot pool (outside of Common scopes) during the takeover. Drop in and knock ’em out!*

Because literally nothing there says anything about being able to find other non-sniper/shotgun weaponry.

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