Whose going to the Sanders Rally in Mesquite!!

i feel like one leads to the other, and the supposition w that dude is that politics leads to world view, when in my experience it’s the other way around—regardless politics is all-encompassing, or it can be.

I don’t consider politics when dating someone, but lifestyle and behavior leads to self selection. Consider that on a date i would give money to a homeless person without a second thought. maybe stop at like wild detectives at some point and point out some book i read that takes some weird view on religion. if she feels like dancing maybe go to a latin dance place w some variety. at each of these junctions, it would be easy for your politics to spill out, or alternatively to make judgments or to call it based on deeply held personal beliefs or biases.

i don’t think it’s fair to say “oh i’ll never date a republican” bc truth be told, i get along very well w them bc i happen to be a bit edgy, but when it comes to fundamental beliefs, it’s probably more accurate to say “things with republicans tend not to work out” which is a fair assessment of differences between human beings.

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