WIBTA for dumping my boyfriend because he used to be an incel?

My guess is he (and you) are young and young people do more dumb shit than the rest of everyone, still figuring a lot out about themselves and the world. You said you love him. That's big. You've also seen who he is in real life for a year. Bottom line, I really wouldn't let old internet comments override that. (If they were ongoing, then I'd say peace out and not the asshole.) I'm sure it was shocking to see, but the stuff he said isn't necessarily his true feelings and people change a lot from teens to mid-twenties. You probably showed him that women aren't inferior and whatever other stuff they believe, which he also might've believed. I recall lots of adopting speech, mannerisms, and beliefs to fit in with groups. I wouldn't hold it against him. You also saw stuff he thought was private. I'd say his friend is kind of an a-hole for revealing his username. I'm reluctant to say you'd be an asshole for dumping him, but I don't think it'd be right to do over likely outdated anonymous internet posting. Letting that cancel out your love and everything you've experienced with each other.

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