WIBTA for letting the child I gave up 18 years ago in my life against the wishes of her father?

I think his anger is bred from fear of his daughter being hurt by this woman. She wanted nothing to do with the child her whole life and now she’s fine with having a relationship once she’s not a mother to her at all. Do you think the 18 year old fully grasps having a relationship with her bio mother but it’s not a parental/child relationship? Do you think she understands she just wants to be distant friends? I think eventually she will be hurt by her mother up and abandoning her and now being her distant friend after the daughter reaches out for a relationship.

I also don’t think it’s fair to leave the child for 18 years and leaving all the raising of her to the father only to come in when she’s an adult and get to be her buddy and do all the fun things parents do with their kids without any of the hard work it takes to raise them. I can understand his anger at her.

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