WIBTA for letting my son (3) call his step-dad Daddy?

I live with my mum, my brother doesnt live here anymore. I live with my mum because believe it or not, it's really expensive to simply exist and as a single parent, it made sense to live with my mum so i could actually afford to carry on doing that. I really dont see how doing something that improves the quality of my sons life has any bearing on this situation. So many people throw stigma at people for living with parents. Not all of us are blessed with a lot of money or another option of housing. Why leech off the government for a "free" house that would be smaller and in a worse area when i have to option for my son to live in a nice house in a decent area and someone else who is even less fortunate than me can have that house that i would potentially live in.

I do correct my son, every single time. I already stated that.

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