WIBTA if I don’t give credit to my partners on a group assignment I worked on alone, thus probably causing them to fail?


Surprise surprise, the girls texted me saying that they both work in the morning, so they won’t be able to contribute today either. In turn I told them that they won’t be given credit on the assignment, and it’s been silent since then. One of them didn’t show up for class in the afternoon (which isn’t unusual), the other didn’t even look at me.

I talked with my professor after the class and showed him evidence from the group chat. He understood the situation and told me that he will definitely take it into consideration and grade accordingly. Their fate will be decided soon, and I have a feeling it won’t be pretty. On the bright side, the assignment was accepted. (To be clear: this time the others didn’t contribute anything at all, it was entirely done by me. All three of our names were included in the previous projects.)

I appreciate everyone’s opinion and advice. This was a lesson for me as well. In the future I will act sooner and won’t let other people take advantage of me. Also, fuck group projects.

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