WIBTA if I paid for HOA fees in pennies?

Maybe you should understand the subject before you post:

It is a widely held belief that U.S. law requires that businesses accept cash payments from their customers. Some people take the argument a step further, arguing that if a business refuses to accept cash from a customer, the business loses its ability to charge the customer. Neither belief is true...

At times, debtors have attempted to pay bills with small change, such as by bringing thousands of unrolled pennies into a business or government office to pay a bill or obligation, insisting that they have the right to pay in that manner. Although making a payment in a manner that is inconvenient to the recipient is not of itself unlawful, doing so with the intention of flouting a court order, disrupting the operations of an office, or burdening the recipient's staff is not without peril...

In another case, a man had some friends deliver thousands of unrolled pennies to a lawyer's office to pay a judgment awarded to the lawyer's client, causing the lawyer to file a petition to hold him in contempt. The court did not make a contempt finding, but did order the man to pay the bank fee associated with processing the pennies, ordered the man to pay additional legal fees associated with the lawyer's motion, and ordered that payment of the sanctions be made with folding money.


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