WIBTA if I send my daughter to "fat camp"

INFO: How is this going to affect your custodial arrangement?

even really seeing her for the next couple of months.

This seems really concerning to me. I get that you're worried about your daughter's weight, but are you entirely sure that your ex is forcefeeding your 14 year old daughter? I have a 14 year old and he eats me out of house and home lol. I don't think I could forcefeed him if I tried.

If he is really forcefeeding her, I would go through the proper authorities and channels rather than enroll your daughter in something that conflicts with your ex husband's custodial rights. If he is abusing her, then you're setting yourself up to hand over custodial rights to him by interfering with his visitation. If he's not abusing her, then he deserves to be with his child and you need to work something else out that doesn't violate his and your daughter's rights.

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