WIBTA if I snuck my cats into a new apartment?

Oh man. No. Pets are fine. Pets just cost money, which I’ve always paid for in any apartment I’ve lived in.

When I spoke to this building in person, they told me pets are a $500 nonrefundable fee and I would need to pay an additional $100 fee for pet rent monthly. I thought that it was expensive and they were like “well you know, damages, cleaning etc.” and I thought alright that’s fine. It’s worth it. I decided to move forward with the apartment and paid $850 to apply and get sent a lease. I read the lease and it has the standard $500 nonrefundable pet fee and monthly nonrefundable $100 fee. I sign that page and move forward. Toward the end of the lease there’s an addendum , where it has additional costs that I would need to pay, that I wasn’t told of before. I called to confirm that this is indeed additional fees and it wouldn’t come out of any of the money I pay.

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