WIBTA if I start going to Church?


i’m going to say that churches are kind of like spiritual gyms.

I don’t like church and it’s not something I enjoy doing, but it’s something that many people find comfort in. There are tons of cultural Christian people who head to the local church at Christmas and then forget about it until the next holiday.

So I think, kind of like when you give a friend a day pass to go to your gym, going to a church when you’re not that religion is perfectly fine as long as you’re respectful. Maybe donate some money to the church, maybe talk to the pastor if you feel uncomfortable… But I think the point of church, in the abstract, isn’t to just pat people on the back for praising Jesus…

It would in theory also be to teach people about the word of God. And that means that the doors need to be open for people of all levels of faith. So if you’re not practising but have an interest in actually being part of the church community, there is absolutely nothing wrong with you going to the church.

I’m not Shinto and they have an open campus policy for people to go to their temples. Other than very private sections, I have never been turned away from the Shinto temples in my area. There are tons of people in Japan who aren’t religious at all but go to Shinto temples because it’s how they were raised and it’s how they continue their culture.

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