WIBTA if I told my daughter she has two weeks to start looking for a job or she’s out and I don’t care if she has nowhere to go?

We see and hear your frustration, and it is valid, but your approach is off base. With all due respect you don’t seem to understand depression. And that’s something you should be grateful for. Wouldn’t wish it on anyone. It’s not simply “the blues” that can be ousted by some sort of motivation. If you kick her out, it won’t make her suddenly see the light to “pull herself up by the boot straps”, it will only sink her further and she’ll just be worse off. It doesn’t work that way- TRUST US. All of us in this thread are saying it from personal experience.

She’ll end up an addict, a trafficked SW, in jail or the graveyard, period. Those are the only routes outside of a sheer unforeseen miracle. These aren’t presumptions, they’re statistical and verifiable facts. YTA but only bc you’re misunderstanding something you don’t have personal experience with outside of observing and dealing with her behavior, and the consequences of how it makes her (dis)function. Love is the answer. Truly. Love her, support her, get her into inpatient and then plan a road for long term recovery and care. Help her set attainable small goals after she’s gotten treatment and has sustained maintenance for her disease. You wouldn’t throw someone with cancer out bc they were shitting themself and puking all over the bathroom bc of the mess. Whether you want to believe it or not, it’s as uncontrollable as that without treatment. IT IS A SICKNESS/DISEASE, NOT A MOOD. Her mind isn’t processing the mess and harassment and emotions and anger like yours does. It’s all mixed up in there. She’s in pain and crying out for help even if she seems resistant. Depression doesn’t want to be helped, it wants to slide in and stay in a dark corner of isolation and squalor. Bring the light, bring the love. Or you’ll have much harder days to face. You’ll then wish for these days back so you could do it differently. Do it the right way now, because there might not be a later.

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