'Widespread sniper fire' as death toll soars in Iraq protests

That may be the case but bare in mind Iraq is predominantly Shia. Any representative government would have Shia over representation, doesn't excuse corruption and Iran shouldn't be bothering Iraq, it just isn't surprising. It also isn't surprising given that in response to such changes, Zarqawi and his jihadist comrades set out to destroy any chance of peace. They killed innocent UN officials for trying to help, they made it crystal clear that we arent going to help you help Iraq. Like a pack of religious thugs they successfully set off a civil war and made settlements with them harder and harder.

America should have been much better prepared and disbanding the army was idiotic. We can all agree on such things, don't get it twisted though. America isn't the reason a sectarian civil war began. That is the responsibility of the evil ass holes who wanted and continue to want a holy war. They made the whole affair impossible and the idea of democracy seem like a fucking joke.

This isn't what America wanted and they can be blamed for utter stupidity and after deposing Saddam perhaps leaving too early. Still it isn't like it was a beacon of civil rights before 2003 and obviously it isn't now. Whether it ever can be is ultimately up to the Iraqi people alone.

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