Wife (27f) demands I pay her more than my employees

constructive discussions without falling into childish insults? I in fact didn’t read that sentence about the kids. That’s my bad.

It isn't a constructive discussion when you can't be bothered to read the whole post and then respond with the typical "what about ALL the housework"? questions. They're two people, cleaning the house is not a full time job, it takes a few hours a week tops.

Don’t forget you are only seeing one side of the story here, and financial control over wives has been a tale as old as time. He said he gives her ‘a little’ money to cover the basics, and doesn’t want to give her any extra. Are you saying you would be happy with that arrangement?

Yes, I think I would be happy if my entire existence was paid for by someone else with spending money on top of it.

You don’t need to worry about bills, but you have no money for yourself to do activities outside of the home.

She's got plenty of free time to get a fucking job for spending money. She's not entitled to unlimited funds to do "activities outside the home". If she wants that, she can work for it like everyone else.

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