Wife getting job in Tokyo, I want to work remotely for my US employer, who do I talk to?

The resources from the employer aren’t connected to the company typically, so you’ll be able to ask them a lot of questions.

There isn’t a standard for packages. They’re completely based on company/industry/position, so all are different. Also, you can’t really leverage other packages for negotiations because each company has internal policies that limit what they can do, and if you’re demands are too high they will just not send you.

You’re really just negotiating against your current situation in life. If you’re giving up a job, that’s leverage. Are you renting or paying a mortgage now? That’s leverage too. For some insight, from what I’ve heard my wife is on a pretty great package. The company covers housing, a car, American school for kids over 3, COLA adjustments, a hardship bonus, they manage our owned house in the US we’re renting out, and they equalize taxes so we’re not hit with a huge tax bill for all these benefits that allow us to come to Japan. Everyone you talk to will have different benefits because they range from company to company and even position to position.

Make your full budget, then make a “living in Japan” budget, and see if your better or worse off and negotiate from there.

What part of the US are you in? That will make a big difference too.

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