Wife no longer ‘wants to be christian’

It’s an issue when we have people out there saying that supporting this or that politician is a godly thing to do, when most politicians of all stripe are not exactly proponents of Christian values

That's a very understandable view. Many religious leaders are not willing to tell their flocks to avoid voting entirely and so they end up basing decisions on some personal metrics. Politicians are like flood gates. Many primary issue voters make their choice based on which way the flood gate will operate rather than the nature of the politician themselves. Right now there are flood gates near-enough to the right positions to enable a potential river reroute. 2020-2030 is one of the most critical decades in the history of Christianity. Many people are choosing to follow the path of potential flood gate river re-alignment and hope for the best. My biggest concern is a situation where we experience a new persecution of Christians in the United States, or an external war threat that seriously harms the continental United States. Because of the severity of the latter one, less news coverage is better. I have been in both the military and the media, and I think the media causes most wars. That's not a Trump-esque belief. It's the truth that without the media banging the drums the support wouldn't be there for war fighting. Syria is ugly. We are inches from full-on war with Russia, Iran, and Syria. Keeping this stuff off the nightly news is good. It is far better for the legions of religious zealouts to be following Trump than to be agitating to destroy Iran or level Syria. That could easily have been the case if all the resources dedicated to Trump had been dedicated to banging war drums. I don't agree with Trump on everything. I didn't vote at all. I do think he's the best candidate for this decade because he controls the new cycle. I am concerned about prophecy, and this means the prophetic words and forecasts are very concerning, so 2018-2030 is a scary time, and I worried about persecution or war coming to the continental United States. I don't think Hillary would have been any better for the nation. If the nation is to decline, it will be better to do it internally than collapsing from external warfighting confederations. I'm just watching the Trump show, but in the event of civil strife, I am allied with the evangelicals, the baptists, and those supporting protections for Christians as opposed to allowing persecution and domination, whether that come in the form of microchipping, poverty, civil strife, or other.

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