Wii U firmware update 5.5.0 U available, Nintendo TVii gone

Sadly true. I know Nintendo wants to innovate and it's cool to have a company in the gaming space doing that but I can't even remember one good hardware product innovation since the Wii came out that appealed to me as a "normal" gamer. I know the Wii motion controlls brought many non/casual gamers to gaming and that's cool but except for on rail shooters I avoided it like the plague and used a classic controller where ever possible.

The big touchpad on the WiiU is nice as well especially if you only have 1 TV in your house, so I fully understand that but I also use the normal gamepad where ever possible since it's just too bulky for me and doesn't add really any helpful features in 90% of the games if your main screen is your TV.

The 3DS is the same. Sure, there are people who use 3D and on my new 3DS I used it quite a bit since it's better now but after a while most of us will turn it off as well.

It's a bit like this with Sony as well and while Sony maybe doesn't innovate as much, both companies seem to have good ideas that are either poorly executed or not followed through. I mean, PS Now can/could've been great but now it's not advertised anymore and just sits there as another side project, same with the touchpad on the Vita - who needs that? Other than Tearaway no game really uses it and I would've much preferred hardware r2/l2 buttons.

I don't know, Nintendo should just focus on what they're best at and that's games and if they still want to make hardware just do a console that's as powerful as the PS4/Xbox one (or even a bit more powerful now) and just foucs on gaming, since the PS4 has prooven that gamers still buy a console for games and not for media features .

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