Wikipedia is a reliable source for information and if you don’t think so, you know nothing about Wikipedia.

Ok, it seems like you're kind of down the rabbit hole on right-wing propaganda, but anyway...

  • What gender science do they deny? Gender and sex are not the same thing. Is being accepting of people who do not feel like their gender matches their sex a bad thing? I'm not aware of any science that says a persons gender must match their sex.
  • Here I agree with you the Green New Deal is fantasy land. But the general left-wing position that all the wealth shouldn't be concentrated in the top 1% is probably a good thing. Do you disagree?
  • Again, what science involving abortion do they deny? The abortion debate is a moral or religious one, not a scientific one.
  • Unless you can provide a source, I don't think any democratic presidential candidates want open borders. Not wanting to waste money on the wall is not the same as wanting open borders.
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