Wild Growth is a seriously underrated ramp spell

For the meta in my group it's a little weak. Cards that ramp one mana as quickly as this are good, but games rarely turn into races with my friends. I'd sooner bring [[Emerald Medallion]] for example, and if I delve into multi-colour such as Selesnya I can easily fill out my deck with plenty of ramp that won't simply accelerate me, but absolutely propel me forward in the game.

Even in my current deck with [[Siona, Captain of Pyleas]] at the helm I still have found better options elsewhere. The current ramp cards, whether taken intentionally as ramp or as a card that just happens to also ramp, are [[Bear Umbra]], [[Karametra, God of Harvests]], [[Sol Ring]], [[Peral Medallion]], [[Emerald Medallion]], and [[Smothering Tithe]]. I also have a number of creatures that reduce the cost of auras, and lands that can effectively, albeit slowly, ramp me as well.

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