WildStar Upcoming Content - Arcterra Zone, Redmoon Terror Raid, Eldan Forge Item Upgrade System, WildStar on Steam and more!

It took a long time and we haven't barely endured it, but the time has come. As you know, there was a NCSOFT Press Event in January, where Carbine presented the upcoming content for WildStar. All information are NDA-free now! So we can talk about it. A lot of other websites can write about their impressions, too! And since we want to have an overview of all facts, we are going to update this article several times today. In the following, you can read our overview of all Drop #7 details … and more! Have fun!

The big new Zone: Arcterra

We can enter a new zone called “Arcterra” with Drop #7. That’s interesting because that area hasn’t been in the game files so far.

Arcterra is a big, icy, and frigid zone. We don’t know where it is exactly. Probably it’s only an instanced area out of the open world. Northern Wilds and Whitevale are also snowy zones, but Arcterra look much more dangerous!

We will find a lot of Osun and Eldan stuff in Arcterra! Mysterious ruins, ancient technologies, and … evil (big) creatures!

There are a lot of solo and group content with a lot of events in Arcterra.

The Sowball Boss Event A highlight of Arcterra will be the “Snowball Boss Event”. Sometimes, enemies for 2 players will spawn in the whole zone and a progress bar will appear in the objective tracker. By killing those enemies, the bar will fill up. If the players were able to reach 100%, enemies for 5 players will spawn and a new progress bar has to be filled. And then … multiple 20 player bosses will spawn with shiny loot.

The Blizard Event Another boss event is the “Blizzard Event”, but the reward of it is really interesting! Sometimes, a lot of different bosses will spawn in the whole zone. If a group will kill one, it will drop a key. That key has to be brought to a special place. And now the interesting part: It’s a race between Dominions and Exiles! The faction, who is able to collect 4 keys first, will open a dungeon for 24 hours! After these 24 hours, it will be closed and the event will begin again. It’s a dungeon for 5 players. No more details yet.

Rewards of Arcterra There will be a new type of reward system in Arcterra, but we didn’t get a lot of details about it. Amongst other things, we should unlock new costumes and an awesome mount through it.

Nexus Saga – Chapter II: The Vault of Archon

It wasn’t a big secret, that the Nexus Saga will be continued with Drop #7 and yes, we will visit the Vault of Archon! The story builds on the events of the OMNICore #1 Story Dungeon.

With that new chapter, the design of story dungeons will be changed. All new dungeons are gonna work like expeditions. That means, you can visit them with 1 to 5 players. Solo or as a group!

In addition, gameplay mechanics will be changed and we will se a lot of cool new boss fights as well as other new things.

Of course, the new chapter has awesome cinematics and full voicing NPC dialogs. As a Exile player, we are going to experience the new adventure with Dorian Walker and Artemis Zin is the NPC for Dominion players!

WildStar will be released on Steam (and in China)

It’s not a big surprise, but now we have the official confirmation!

This project should be done in the first half of 2016!

The release of WildStar in China is also a big project. The first closed beta phase is running, but we didn’t get a release date.

Redmoon Terror – New Raid on the PTR!

I would realllyyy like to say, that Redmoon Terror will be released with Drop #7. But unfortunately it won’t be! However, we have one good news!

Redmoon Terror is a 20 player raid and will be released on PTR soon for testing phase. Probably, we will get the new raid with Drop #8.

Each encounter in this new raid will have 2 modes. A normal one and a hard one, which can be activated during the fight.

The Eldan Forge – Item Upgrading on Nexus

Carbine is working on a new upgrade system for armor, weapons and even runes .

We will be able to increase the item level of your equipment pieces by 5 per upgrade.

To achieve this, we need a new type of crafting materials. That’s why the salvage system will be changed.

In future, we will be able to choose between runecrafting, crafting, and upgrade materials while salvaging items.

It’s not clear, if the system will be ready for Drop #7!

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