Wilfrid Laurier University student assails report that could lead to program cuts

There is very little to suggest that applications are decreasing. While I was unable to find program specific data, here is WLU material showing trends across Ontario. Applications are up 10.6% in 2013-2014 alone, and the IPRM argues that the majority of increases in the number of applications per program are to those which are being enhanced. Those programs which are decreasing in applications are being phased out. It's that simple.




Overspending is exactly why we need to cut programs that are facing reduced demand and increase capacity to increase revenues and close our structural deficit and reduce rising expenses.

The vast majority of those expenses come from rising staff costs (which account for 80% of our operating budget). It then makes sense to reduce the number of these positions which do not lead to an increased head-count. Note that the total number of positions probably won't change that much, but those who are hired will serve more people than currently.

Source: http://legacy.wlu.ca/page.php?grp_id=13401&p=27509

We are also facing deficits in our capital budget but these are investments into future cash flows and will serve to increase capacity and head count. Over the past five years WLU has expanded it's Brantford campus by 73% and it's Waterloo campus by 33%, and as a result, has been able to accommodate more and more students.

Ancillary operations are forecasted to be completely self-sustaining over the next three years.

Source: http://legacy.wlu.ca/documents/58711/Budget_Report_201415_Board_Approved_June192014.pdf

We are also bleeding from government grant cuts. We will continue lobbying for increased grants for BBA tuition.

Source: http://www.legacy.wlu.ca/documents/59725/Laurier_Financial_Future_Town_Hall_Sequel_verOct28.pdf

It should be clear at this point that my priorities, as well as the PTF's is to increase enrollment in the face of rising expenses in order to survive. I may only be a second year, but I don't want to see us forced to sell real estate and discounted prices, or rush to shut down programs in a few years when we can take much less extreme measures NOW.

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