Will 2019 see a major geopolitical re-alignment in the Middle East?

I make a separation between Russian people and the Russian Government and when l said that l can't name one Russian company that produces anything, that doesn't mean that there aren't any but their not as visible as say Facebook, Google, YouTube, Reddit, Coca Cola, Apple, Microsoft, PlayStation, Nike.

I do put the blame on their corrupt dictatorial regime which limits people's freedom to innovate, create ideas and carry themselves into prosperous life through their hard work by setting up companies and competing in every markets, so that for every Western product, there is a Russian equivalent or at least something other than Vodka.

Russian's aren't business-oriented people like say Americans are and their not democratic society which would allow people to reach their full potential, Russians can succeed in anything if given the chance but their dictatorial system is keeping everyone hostage for one fat midget's greed and corruption.

Having said that, economics is what matters in the end, some have it and others have excuses, Russia was a communist state, China is a communist state but only one of them is focusing on growing its economic potential through hard-work and the other is chasing Middle Eastern ghost for some past glory, l'll let you speculate on that one. Some countries sign free trade agreements making business, innovations, ideas, commerce and economy growing and others focus on waging wars thinking that is what creates influence as suppose to investing in its people and building its infrastructure and making business-friendly environment.

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