This will go down in history: Government shut down small businesses, forced unemployment for millions, bailed out Wall Street, devalued the savings of those without assets.

Purchase just enough supplies and invest anything left even five dollars

Some ways to save money during these times

  1. Don't be tp take a shower instead

  2. Don't eat out (Even if you don't still keep this in mind this can include cutting out snacks potato chips etc...

  3. Open a Robinhood account and invest in the very same companies that will be bailed out (Commercial flight companies, banks, and oil companies

  4. Refinance your home rates are lower then ever

  5. Open up a high yield savings account

  6. Invest anything you have because you always can find at least one dollar in your car

  7. Don't purchase conditioner

  8. Avoid purchasing clothes right now

  9. Be creative avoid buying soap / deodorant if you don't plan on going out

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