I will go down this makeshift zipline WCGW?

LOL! this is gold!

Keyboard warriors

Go outside

You do see the Irony, no? You've been arguing with random stranger on the internet for the last 2 hours about something so minor and trivial. If you're not a troll, than you must be the delusional child of r/iamverybadass and r/mallninjashit

I don't like to make assumptions as much as you do, but you come off as the kind of guy who thinks he's always prepared and can handle any dangerous situation with ease. I bet you comment things like "If I was in that pussy's shoes I would've disarmed the the rifle wielding suspect with one swift move, turning his own gun back on him with lightning quickness. After I took control of the situation the president showed up and awarded me with the medal of honor while $100% dollar bills rained down from the sky. I declined the award because it was simple and every fat idiot out there could never exemplify moves as superior as mine."

I really hope you're a troll but it doesn't appear so. Go outside.

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