Will Kyle speak out and defend AOC against ludicrous attacks by Greenwald and Dore because she doesn’t want to work with republicans like Ted Cruz that helped to stoke the attack on the capital? Probably not.

First of all, what kind of common ground do AOC and Ted Cruz share? Second of all, if he wanted to, say, work to legalize marijuana (I know that'll never happen, just an example), is she just supposed to say, "Well fuck Ted and fuck my constituency. It ain't happening" because he was mean to her?

I don't care who you are or what your identity is. I am a member of the LGBT community, and if some homophobic dipshit wanted to work with me to get quality legislation pushed such as wall street regulation, I'd do it, and were I NOT to do it, I would be betraying the people who voted me into office who I work for, not the other way around. I don't care what went on in DC and I don't care about what almost happened to AOC. Work with your fucking colleagues to get shit done. Any excuse not to is a shit excuse.

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