Will a menstrual cup make me looser?

Can I ask you this? Please may you explain more. I don't get it. Like in my mind, rubberband are also meant to stretch but if you stretch it a lot eventually it stops going back to it's original shape and then my sweatpants don't stay up anymore. They get loose. I also see so many stuffs of women saying they weren't the same after kids. That they had to start wearing those depends diapers because the whole downstairs just lost it's strength and control. They even pee when they cough or laugh. But like, you're not the only person who has said that tight and loose is a lie and the body is made to stretch so how can all these things be true? What's going on? Why Are these things different even though it's the same body parts. I ordered a cup and am waiting for it to come in the mail but in reality I'm scared to try it when it comes.

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