Will My Native Native Hyaluronic acid return?

Well apparently its fairly normal in Dermal filler world, according to logic of Derms its fairly safe enzyme your body produces everyday. The HA injections was horrible really horrible left me completely uneven to a very visible point and developed some lumps on one cheek, but basicly had another derm advise me to do 3 rounds hyluarndise to remove it and honestly helped me fix most of my problem I look 90% better. I still have a bit of filler one side, but I will wait it out, got mild granoluma on one cheek from one bad technique, but its mild and read it should go away with time. DON"T GET DERMAL FILLERS UNLESS YOU FIND A GOOD QUALIFIED DOCTOR. I learned my lesson, I will never do anything apart from some creams, sunscreen, retinol, I looked much better before. But I am glad im at 80% back to normal, even if I don't look as good as before, its close enough were I feel so good, its amazing getting your looks back, its really is self confidence thing. Its been 2 days and my cheeks are starting to look more normal, so im guessing the native HA is coming back, still a bit deflated, cringely, but I am gonna give it time, and lets the small quantity of filler left dissolve on its own. I expect with rest, good excerises, supplements, good moisturizers and vitamin c, retinol should get to 90%+ and I would be super happy thats all I can ask for.

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