it will never not be funny that liberals and idpol-centric-leftists have to constantly reconcile that these morons exist

I mean, some black people, just like other people, are gullible to fascist rhetoric and think rightfully or wrongfully that lowering taxes is a justified priority and in their interest.


And that's my point? This sub is about stupidpol. This image is literally stupidpol ("we're not victims!") and is being countered by liberal and idpol-centric-leftist stupidol ("don't they know they're victims!?").

I mean, just gotta say, I really dislike centrist idpol for the ways that it is used by the political establishment as a shield and misdirection status, but speaking for myself, I just don't have this, "YEAH, OWNED, LIBTARDS" kind of animus that I see here. Like seriously this image just strikes me in sentiment as just rightwing trash,

I mean it literally is rightwing trash that's why it's funny.

so have a downvote.


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