Why Will Power Probably Won't Win the 2015 Championship

they are using flawed logic, i posted this in /r/formula1 and at the start of each of these years these were true but by the end were false 1950 no driver has won a championship

1951 no south american has won the championship

1952 no driver with alliterative names has become champion

1953 no driver has won 2 championships

1954 no driver has won 2 non consecutive championships

1955 no season has seen a race cancelled

1956 no driver has won a championship with a shared win

1957 no driver has won 5 championships

1958 no british driver has won the championship

1959 no Australian has won the championship

1960 no driver has won without starting or finishing the first 3 races

1961 no non british team has won the championship

1962 no two different drivers champions have shared surnames

1963 no scot has won the championship

1964 no driver has won championships on bikes and cars

1965 no driver has won the championship and not finished the last 3 races

1966 no driver has won the championship in their own car

1967 no champion has won the chapionship without a pole

1968 no constructors championship top 3 has the same engine

1969 no british team has been beaten to the title by a french one

1970 no championship has been awarded posthumously

1971 no driver has won the championship from a swede in second

1972 no Brazilian has won the championship

1973 no driver has won 3 championships none of which are back to back

1974 no championship top 3 have been from 3 different continents

1975 no driver has won with .5 of a point

1976 no 6 wheel car has won a race

1977 no team has won on its debut

1978 no team has won the championship with one of their cars not scoring once

1979 no african has won the championship

1980 no championship top 10 hasn't got a british driver

1981 no team has won the championship with multiple tyre makers in the same year

1982 no driver has won as many races as championships that year

1983 no driver has won the championship with their team in 3rd

1984 no championship has beed decided by less than a point

1985 no frenchman has won a championship

1986 no soviet nation has hosted a grand prix

1987 no Brazilian has won 3 titles

1988 no driver has beaten pique at the Hungarian gp

1989 no championship has been decided at Suzuka

1990 no championship has been won by a double DNF

1991 no Brazilian has won consecutive championships

1992 no driver has retired and won the title in the same year

1993 no driver has raced with 0 for a year

1994 no champion has been killed in a grand prix

1995 no german has won 2 titles

1996 no son of a champion has been champion

1997 no driver to be champion in CART first has then won the f1 championship

1998 mclaren have never won unless in red and white

1999 no Finn has defended their title successfully

2000 no Ferrari has won on grooved tyres

2001 no siblings have both won races in the same season

2002 no top 3 teams has had their 6 drivers in team order

2003 no top 3 teams have all scored over 100 points

2004 no driver has won 7 titles

2005 no race has had only 6 starters

2006 no Spaniard has won the championship consecutively

2007 no rookie has been within a point of the championship

2008 no pole has won a race or led the championship

2009 no debutante team has won both championships

2010 no last round has had 4 drivers mathematically able to win

the championship

2011 no race has lasted over 4 hours

2012 no start to the season has seen 7 different winners

2013 no driver has won their first 4 titles consecutively

2014 no british driver has won the championship in two teams of different nationalities

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