Will they really add these generic (and some not) characters in CTRNF?

I really wouldn't mind lab assistant as a customizable character where you get to pick his outfit and engine type before a race. Trophy girls wouldn't make sense to me because who would be giving out the trophies to them? What if the trophy girl who is giving out the trophy is also on the podium in second or third place? But i wouldn't mind more female characters in the game. Baby T would be a cool addition because he's a dinosaur and dinosaurs are cool, also we can see that crash adopted baby T in the final cutscene of crash 3, so it makes sense that he would later appear in CTR. I agree about the hog and random enemies, though i have never seen anyone suggest adding the turtle as a racer. If anything i would want a track where we get to drive over turtles as payback for the high road.

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