Will a signed agreement between my roommate and I stand up in small claims?

1 - That she will pay me back for the security deposit, fees, and first months rent (this is our first month in this house) before the last day of July, and that she will pay her full half of rent for August and her full half of utilities for July.

2 - That she agrees (per our property management’s procedure and her request) that she will move out before the 1st of September while remaining on the lease so long as we find another roommate to add to the lease that can cover her financial obligations, which we will also put in writing between us and them.

3 - That she will repair the damage she caused in our bathroom before she moves out (ripped a cabinet off the wall in anger).

4 - That she will give me her keys when she moves out, and forfeit her right to occupy, hosts guests at, or enter the property without the current occupant’s permission or at least a head’s up.

5 - That if she causes any more damage to the property or my belongings before she leaves, she will pay for it to be fixed, and that if physical harm is caused to me or my dog by her before she leaves, she will be financially responsible for whatever comes of it.

(I know many of these are a reach but I think you can probably tell what kind of environment I’m in right now from this post so I’m just trying to protect myself from any further harm/damage/financial trouble in any way possible and make this transition as smooth and civil as it can be)

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