Wingman was unbanned!

I'm sorry to see you so heavily downvoted for this comment.

To be honest, the best time for the "Community Team" was when Eric was the face of it. Ben still caused issues left and right, but at least Rob and Eric were there to put out the fires and call him on his crap.

Once they left, it's been downhill ever since IMHO. I used to love the fact that we would actually see the different developer disagree at times and talk things out, ESPECIALLY on those livestreams. Interestingly you never see that (or the livestreams, except RtV) anymore.

I don't want to get into conspiracy theory territory... but if I did, I would look at how many people have left CIG that were once very important. Anyone in power that ever seemed to be willing to question things has slowly been weeded out. And now we might hear today that Travis and Chelsea are leaving. I always considered Travis part of the "new guard" at CIG, but I respected that he wasn't scared to talk about things and genuinely seemed excited about the project. If the rumour ends up being true and he's leaving as well....

Anyway, that's all speculation and some would consider it fear mongering. That's not my intent. But clearly there are issues at CIG and personally I don't like the way the wind is blowing. If someone disagrees, then by all means.... leave a comment and let's have a constructive conversation where I give you the opportunity to change my mind. It's happened before, and I'm open to it. But I absolutely hate how this subreddit uses upvotes and downvotes. It stifles any real conversation.

That said, it says something else that the downvote brigade is actually trending away from support for CIG. A lot of backers are starting to get frustrated, and not in a trollish way. There are a lot of genuine concerns about the game and how things are being handled. Yet the more we are told by CIG and it's defenders that all is well... the more we see cracks in the foundation. They are getting slaughtered by bad publicity, and stunts like what happened yesterday with Wingman are a perfect example. If Travis announces he is leaving today, that's just another example.

But hey guys, let's get hype for that $400 Starliner. ;)

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