Winning - President Donald Trump was expected to sign several executive orders restricting immigration on Wednesday

It should be noted that they lived on this land longer than any white person has. The only thing your ancestors have done is killed off the herds, polluted the waters, cut down the forests and forced people to farm on stolen land of which they taxed heavily. Now America stays afloat by ravaging the resources of the world and making it's populations feel as though they have some power in the direction of the country when in fact they do not. Democracy is a shame. We're all too preoccupied in this limbo of right then left then right then left then right then left, while Zionists and American originating multi-national corporations really make the decisions. Go ahead and blame non-european originating peoples for all the problems of the country and itll get you nowhere. You're all wasting your energy by fighting the wrong enemy. I know this movement is more for the fact that it feels good to be fighting for your own kind. It feels good to find solidarity with other peoples. But can you not extend that solidarity to include more than just white people? Can you not extend the fight against the real oppressor of freedom?

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