The Wire - The Complete Series on Blu-ray (HBO Press Release)

the show is about the police department, everything else is just additional stories to be told so the writers didnt run out of material.

This doesn't make any sense. They told season contained stories, each focusing on a different part of the City. The police characters are an important part of that, but not the only one. They also tracked non police characters for all five seasons. I really don't understand what it means when you say it's "additional stories so the writers didn't run out of material." Isn't that a descriptor of just about every new part of a story?

again, nope. All the other characters are only added when the main story of the main police characters needs to introduce new people. The schools only came in when the former police guy gets a new job. Also they start writing about the bangers and their relationships with friends in school. Also the school was where the fired sergent story line branched out too.

Yes. The stories, such as the cop becoming a teacher, required new characters to be introduced. That is an accurate observation of story telling in general.

The mayor, the schools, all of this was due to stories about the police needing a backstory and additional information. We did not hear anything about the mayors until the police were investigating the office or later in seasons, working with the police with budgets

Again, the show is called The Wire. It's not surprising that each season involved the police. And there's this weird complaint again, which to me basically says, "new characters are only introduced when they were relevant to the story! Lazy!"

. Also each season focuses on something different. When the show is done dealing with one facet of the story, they sometimes move on from the side characters that no longer have a place in the new storyline.

but that was part of the problem, as I pointed out.

We get introduced to so many new characters, then they are gone forever or introduced again for one short scene, like the former banger who started the gym. What happened to him? There was almost a whole season dedicated to his story line, then bam, nothing. Did he finally date his old flame maybe? Who knows. The writers didn't care. It was just more lazy writing

It's not lazy writing, it's just you not liking the format of the show. Cutty was important to seasons three and four. He got his redemption arc in those. His dramatic story finished. He's faded into the background. He's also not relevant to the media centric season 5.

I feel like I'm repeating myself again. I already addressed this. No, it is not "very different" at all. It is like every other cop drama. Everything you described happens in so many other cop shows.

This is just absolute bullshit.

Get off the hype train of the wire. It is just an above average cop show. That is it. Nothing ground breaking. No amazing stories and twists. Nothing.

All you have demonstrated is a dislike for the format. Each season involves some of the same important characters while focusing on different aspects of the city. That necessarily involves losing track of some characters. You don't like that? That's fine. It's not lazy or bad writing. It also reflects the experience of a lot of cops, social workers, lawyers, etc. where they are involved closely with people for a part of their lives, and then lose all contact.

Calling it just an above average cop show is ridiculous. Even though characters fade out, there is a huge cast of non-cops the show follows for it's whole run. The whole story is an amazing story. I'm sorry there's not enough twists for you, M. Night, but it seems pretty clear that you don't like the intentional and novel format of the show but you're couching it in the language of criticism.

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