Wish Em would make songs like Kendrick on Mr. Morale

People will lose their shit when I say this but MMLP2 is the realest and most introspective album period. It's not that there aren't other artists who make introspective music, there are, but none of them are as real and naked with their audience as Em is and famous people in general build up so much ego over the course of their careers, they become too conceited to examine themselves and admit fault. But Em matured and it shows in songs like Bad Guy and Headlights. And even before that, Recovery and Relapse conceptually are basically Em examining himself and his life after Proof's death. I don't think Em is afraid of being vulnerable or of being introspective, dude just doesn't have much to introspect, he done all that 9 years ago when he dropped MMLP 2. And we still get introspection when it matters, in songs like No Regrets and Zeus. Just not introspection in personal matters like shit with Kim or his mom (although we do get to hear his thoughts on his father's death in Leaving Heaven, I dont think Em dug deep enough to call the track an introspective one) but on his public feuds and shit.

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