I wish society would collapse.

At one point I was sure there had to be. This is America after all right.

I hardly touched on the reality of everything going on right now, right in front of everyone.

That's a depressing question that I could eventually not deny the answer. I see no possible solution. And I have looked. Hell, there are experts in other countries speculating on when the US is going to essentially "Reset".

The only things I know, and the only things I'll repeat, are the ones that are an absolute fact. And I know that they are because every crazy thing I wouldn't believe, i would spend the time and finding out if there was any truth to it. Some I debunked as false. Many were fact. All right there.

So, no. I can't think of any possible solution to everything that's already in motion.

I'm a computer programmer. My livelihood and passion has always depended on Logic and Sound Reasoning. That's what programming is.at the core. I've always been Logical, possessed sound reasoning, and I am a critical thinker. Regardless, when i actually open up about things like this, it usually ends up with people believing I'm crazy, or a lunatic. It doesn't make me angry, because I know what I know. It makes me pity them and most of the country who all received their news from mainstream media. Most is either a twisted version of events or pure government propaganda. If it is something entirely true, then it didn't really matter.

To anyone who did read this, inform yourself. stop watching mainsteam media. Think about this, over 9000 companies that sell news in various forms are all owned by 6 corporations.

Want to open your eyes and see? Search for: False Flag, Strategy of Tension, Cognitive Dissonance.

And the big eye opener? Search for how many constitutional rights have been erased or otherwise circumvented - all in just the last 2 years.

Or even more credible. Go to whitehouse.gov itself. Look at all of the Executive Orders that have been signed by the president. Read what they say. (EO's bypass Congress - The president has full authority to pass law).

Alright, that's enough. That will get anyone started at least if they actually choose to.

Good Luck.

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